Lower your interest rate by consolidating with Alliant1

When you consolidate your student loans, you combine several student loans with different interest rates into a single loan with a single interest rate. Sounds nice, right? Not only can you save on interest, you’ll also simplify your student loan payments. That means no more calendar reminders for all those different lenders!

To qualify for this loan you must have been employed with your current employer for a minimum of 2 years and you or your cosigner have an income of at least $40,000 per year

Student loan interest may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor.

4.75 %
As Low As
300 mo.1 Max Term

  • With an Alliant Student Loan, you can consolidate up to $100,000 in graduate and undergraduate student loans.
  • Consolidate both federal and private student loans.
  • Affordable repayment terms up to 25 years1, depending on loan amount

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Wondering if consolidation is right for you? Ask yourself:

How many years do I have left on my loans?

If you still have multiple years left, consolidating your loans may be the right choice for you. The longer you have until they're paid off, the more you may be able to save.

How many loans do I have?

An Alliant Consolidation Loan will enable you to combine multiple student loans, with multiple interest rates, into one easy-to-manage, affordable loan.

Can I lower my interest?

When you consolidate your federal and private student loans, you'll likely wind up with an interest rate that's lower than your current rate(s).

Is my current monthly payment too high?

A consolidation loan with a longer term can lower your monthly payments. Choose from a variety of repayment terms (up to 25 years!1), depending on your loan amount.

Have federal student loans you want to consolidate, along with your private student loans?

One of the benefits of consolidating your student loans with a non-governmental lender is the ability to lower your overall interest rate. Sure, you can consolidate your federal student loans with the government – but you won’t necessarily receive a lower interest rate. Instead, you’ll receive a longer repayment term and a fixed interest rate that is based on the weighted average of the interest rates of all the loans you’re consolidating.

Consolidating your federal and personal loans with Alliant will likely result in a lower interest rate, and you can choose from a variety of repayment terms (up to 25 years1, depending on the amount of your loans).

However, it’s important to remember that consolidating your federal loans with a private lender means giving up some federal student loan benefits, such as Pay-As-You Earn and Income-Based repayment programs (repayment programs that are based on your income and family size), as well as loan forgiveness under programs like the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (which forgives your loans after you’ve made 120 qualifying monthly payments under a qualifying repayment plan while working full-time for a qualifying employer.)

How the Alliant student loan consolidation process works

1. Complete the easy online application (this takes about 15 minutes, plus some additional time for a cosigner, if necessary)
2. Alliant’s review of your application and lender verification (this takes about 2 business days)
3. Approval of the Truth in Lending Disclosure (you must return this to Alliant within 30 days)
4. Completion of the Final Truth in Lending Disclosure and Right of Recession Period (this takes 7 business days)

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